Dita Collectables for Sale

I’m selling my collection. Some items are already listed on eBay. Below is a list of what’s available. I’m still sorting through everything, so updates are ongoing. I’ll also be tweeting additions from time to time. I’ve given consideration to all listed prices – I collected for years and know what these items are worth. In saying that, prices are negotiable. Once prices are agreed upon, I will list your order on eBay – which provides protection for both buyer and seller. All prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

If there is something specific you’re searching for, I may have it and simply haven’t listed it yet. Please direct all questions and orders to my eBay account or email me at pocketvenusdvt@gmail.com.

Orders of 3-4 items attract a 10% discount.
Orders of 5-9 items attract a 20% discount.
Orders of 10 or more items attract a 30% discount.

  • Combined shipping by weight and size is available for 2 or more items.
  • Please request an invoice for discounts and/or combined shipping.
  • All shipping prices are for standard airmail only. Tracking, express, insurance, etc, are available upon request.
  • Payment required within 5 business days of purchase. Shipped within 5 business days of received payment.














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