Pocket Venus houses a list of my (Meg, 20’s, Australian) Dita Von Teese collectibles. Predominately magazines. It has been created for inventory purposes. If you are a collector, perhaps this resource will be useful to you. I also post Dita related news from time to time, depending on time constraints.

Information available on Pocket Venus has been researched by myself. I make every attempt to be as thorough as possible. In saying that, I welcome corrections and additional information! Special thanks must be given to George Bone (of silvercanvas), Dita’s webmaster. Where I felt it appropriate, and could not find information elsewhere, I have checked with him. He has been extremely helpful in identifying almost anything I throw at him.

Pocket Venus is an unofficial fan site. This site’s intent is to provide fans and collectors content related to Dita Von Teese. Pocket Venus ‘tags’ are added to scans which have originated here, and are in no way a claim to copyright. No infringement is intended. All copyrighted material on this site is the property of the respective copyright holder.

Pocket Venus has no affiliations with Dita Von Teese; this site is not authorized by her or her representatives. This is a non-profit website and all materials are for entertainment and reference purposes only.

If you have any questions regarding Pocket Venus site practices, please email.


Mariana (January, 2009 & March 2010) (various scans)
Marina (19, Brazilian) (November 2009) (review)
Matthew Harden (October, 2010) (review)

If you’d like contribute to pocket venus by translating some of the articles posted here, please email me. I’d like to stress that volunteering to do so does not mean you have to work to a schedule or that you have to translate every article available here. You can do as many as you like or as few as you like and at your own pace. You can translate articles into and from any language you like. Full credit will, of course, be given.

Harper’s Bazaar (Russia) December, 2009 (Russian to English) by Irenetrix (Ukrainian)
Be Cointreauversial, São Paulo (English & Brazilian Portuguese) by Marina (19, Brazilian)
Cointreaupolitan Party, Sweden (Swedish to English) by Jenny


I thought Pocket Venus would be a great name after reading this:

“…the entrancing pocket venus Dita Von Teese, the queen of the burlesque revival, she of the Vargas Girl looks and the Gibson-girl figure. Dita’s old-fashioned act conjures images of Gypsy Rose Lee, another legendary stripteaser known for dressing up beautifully as she was for undressing.”
– Vogue Magazine, USA (Mar 2006)

In 2007, it came up again in reference to Dita Von Teese, in Australian Harper’s Bazaar:

“I’ve definitely been practicing what I preach in regards to safe sex,” the 5’4″ pocket Venus giggles bashfully.
– Harper’s Bazaar, AU (June/July 2007)

Some general definitions and examples of Pocket Venus:

“a petite, voluptuous woman”
What does “Pocket Venus” mean?

“I love the term “pocket Venus”. I’m glad romance writers are keeping the term alive! #BeautifulShortGirl”
Lana Brooks

“1869 S. R. Hole Bk. about Roses viii. 125 The lovely little Banksian
Rose..this pocket, or rather button-hole, Venus.
1921 W. de la Mare Memoirs of Midget xxxiii. 229 Aunt Alice calls you her
‘pocket Venus’, and she means it, too, in her own sly way.
1969 H. K. Fleming Day they kidnapped Queen Victoria vi. 106 Four years had
gone by, since, as the ‘Pocket Venus’, she had been the rage and toast of
1979 ‘P. O’Connor’ Into Strong City ii. xxvii. 98 Nancy was dark and
petite, perfectly formed—the proverbial pocket venus.”
– Simon Cauchi, Origin of phrase “small, but perfectly formed”



  1. hi,
    i love your blog!
    i am a huge dita fan and i especially like her style. i am always checking the forum celebutopia.net for candid pictures of her public appearances.
    sometimes i post on my blog about her too (http://nay-k.de/creative)
    best regards

  2. Great ressources on your website! I didn’t know Gypsy Rose Lee.
    I love the work of Dexter too ;o)

    Source of inspiration for me, i made a Tribute to Dita on Second Life.
    Contact Massimo Blinker for see the exhibition!

    best regards

  3. Hi

    I am 24 year old female from Melbourne Australia who is a huge fan of Dita. This website is great! I’ll be sure to check it out all the time so I can be updated on Dita news. At the moment I can’t afford to be a memeber of Dita.net so this is awesome.

    Love Anna.


  4. Hello, I’ve been watching your blog for a long time 🙂 I’m a huge brazilian fan and I was the owner of the brazilian fan site (www.ditabr.com) that was closed because of many reasons….Keep the good work! If you want, I have more than 2500 pictures 🙂

    Kisses, Marina

  5. This pocket venus blog, is it something i can sign up for or subscribe to ? i love the blog by the way, very informative and beautiful. thank you for creating it!

  6. Hello sweetie, I really need to ask you somethin’ cause I think you’re more up to date than me on that. Do u know how the Private Event for Cointreau works? Dita is coming to my country – Brazil, and I need to gooooooooo! I’m dying to see her :((((

  7. Dear Meg, thanks for this blog – it is simply wonderful! I have some scans of watercolours of Dita from the Daily Telegraph, a UK newspaper. Would you like them? If you like old-style fashion watercolours they would be right up your street. I think they are very pretty.

    Well done for the site, keep up the good work!


  8. Just wanted to stop by and say that you have an amazing blog, thank you so much for creating it! 🙂 I am a big Dita fan and this is a great place to come for the latest Dita news.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hallo Ms Meg,
    By the time I am writng this comment I have not found any pics of Dita from the Stockholm event.
    Do you have any links?

  10. Hi! Meg I love your blog is simply fantastic! good I am big fan of Dita and I love what you’ve done here.
    I love all the material you have.

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