Marquis Fashion (Germany) 2001

Marquis Fashion (Germany) 2001
Photography by Peter W. Czernich

Dita modeled for Marquis’ 2001 Fetish Fashion catalogue, wearing latex pieces designed by Fräulein Ehrhardt and House of Harlot.

Marquis (Germany) #27 2002

Marquis (Germany) #27 2002
Photography: Peter W. Czernich with Fetish Goddess photography by Czernich, silvercanvas, Chas Ray Krider, Jim Weathers, Steve Diet Goedde, Christophe Mourthé, Danielle Emerick, Sean McCall

Details & Extras
Dita appears several times in this issue of Marquis; reader feedback regarding Corset Sisters, modelling for Marquis’ 2003 fetish fashion collection including the Kink in the Caribbean collection by Fräulein Ehrhardt, Fetish Goddess promotions, Dorian Cleavenger artwork inspired by Dita, snaps from a fetish event in the Caribbean and promotions for Dita merchandise!

I just bought a copy of the 2003 Marquis catalog from a fetish collector, so I’ll have more regarding the Fräulein Ehrhardt (of High Gloss Dolls) fetish fashion very soon… along with lots of other stuff!