Grazia Daily: Dita Von Teese Talks Perfume And Collection Teacups

Grazia Daily: Dita Von Teese Talks Perfume And Collection Teacups
by Naomi Attwood
3 May, 2012

That very alluring raven-haired beauty and world renowned burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has launched her own perfume this week, so that us mere mortals can now smell as seductive and divine as she does. How considerate! We caught up with the star thanks to London’s chicest department store – Liberty’s – so she could tell us all about it…

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Richard Bernardin Photoshoot

Photographer: Richard Bernardin
Stylist: Alexandra Bernard

Details & Extras: This was shot in July and first appeared in a September issue of French Grazia. These extra shots were found at

Grazia (Italy) September 5, 2006

First photo by Mary Ellen Mark. File photos from Ronchi & Corbis.

Grazia (France) 24-30 October, 2009

Grazia France. These photos were taken by Amedeo M. Turello and originally appeared in Style Monte Carlo.