Dita Von Teese Eyewear

“Dita Von Teese has inked a deal with Los Angeles-based eyewear maker DITA Inc. to produce a signature line that will debut next month in select department stores and chains including Alain Afflelou in France, Italy and Spain. Dita Von Teese Eyewear features 10 styles ranging from classic cat-eye to edgier cut-out metal and acetate frames retailing from $235 to $285.” – WWD

Vogue: #IWokeUpLikeThis: Dita Von Teese Reveals the Strategies Behind Her Morning Routine

Vogue: #IWokeUpLikeThis: Dita Von Teese Reveals the Strategies Behind Her Morning Routine
by Chioma Nnadi
April, 2008

For most of us the act of getting ready for the world each morning is a blurry-eyed, caffeine-fueled affair—hardly what you’d called chic—and yet there are stylish women that seem to make the whole thing appear so easy. Each day this week, we’ll ask one of them to reveal the secrets to their a.m. routines. Today’s subject: performer Dita Von Teese, who makes perfectly painted matte red lips and pressed waves look truly effortless. Here, her tricks to waking up on the right side of the bed on a regular basis, from her favorite detox smoothie to daily mood-changing Pilates sessions.
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