Andre Felix

Penthouse (Spain) January, 2008

Penthouse (Spain) January, 2008
photography by André Felix

Quite a rare issue. If you find it for under $50 you’re getting a bargain.

Bizarre (USA) #9, 1995

Bizarre (USA) #9, 1995
Photography: André Felix

Celebrity Sleuth (USA) Vol. 11, #6 (1998)

Celebrity Sleuth (USA) Vol. 11, #6 (1998)
Photography: Sean McCall, André Felix, with childhood candids by Family Von Teese

Details & Extras
This is the first of three Celebrity Sleuth issues featuring Dita. The others were published in 2001 and 2004. The article, entitled Legend in the Making, Ready for Bettie? seems to be pre-“Von Teese.”

Bettie Page / Dr. Susan Block Interview: On the third page is a candid of Dita and Ms. Antionette. I have the issue of Reflections which details more of the interview Dita was present for, as well as more candids. To be posted soon.

Haughty Couture: I don’t have any information on this, however I do have several photo sets which might be related. To be posted soon.

Credits: Most of the studio photography is by Sean McCall, you can find much of it at There are also a couple of shots from the André Felix shoot, Dita’s first pictorial, published in Australian Penthouse in 1992. Then there’s also the shot of Dita with red hair, when she was 19.

Reflections (USA) Vol. 17 #1 (1994) (nsfw)

Reflections (USA) Vol. 17 #1 (1994) (nsfw)

Penthouse (Germany) May, 2007 (nsfw)

Penthouse (Germany) May, 2007
Photography: Peter W. Czernich, André Felix

Details & Extras
A selection from photo shoots by André Felix, with cover by Marquis founder Peter W. Czernich.

Penthouse (USA) April, 2007 (nsfw)

Penthouse (USA) April, 2007
Photography by André Felix

Leg Show (Germany) #14 1997 (nsfw)

Leg Show (Germany) #14 1997
photography Ed Fox, with the last shot by André Felix