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Leg World (USA) July, 2003

Leg World (USA) July, 2003
Photography by silvercanvas
Article by Dita Von Teese

I’d read that Dita Von Teese had written articles for Leg World or Leg Show magazine, but until finding this issue I hadn’t actually seen any of them. I’ll have to track down more.

Other than the obvious, Dita has contributed to a number of publications and projects, from reviews to short stories. To make them easier to browse, I’ve made a category called written by dita. I’ve added the relevant posts I can think of, off the top of my head. I’ll add more to the category from older posts if I can find others.

Intelligent Collector (USA) Spring, 2012

Intelligent Collector (USA) Spring, 2012
Photography by Axel Koester
Interview by Hector Cantú

These are captures from the digital version of Intelligent Collector magazine. The second image (Dita and Eva) is the large pull out poster which comes with the hard copy. Marilyn Monroe is on the other side.

I love this article, especially the following excerpt. It made me laugh because it could be describing my own Mother:

“My mother used to collect antques. She loved buying vintage furniture and stripping it and re-doing it herself. So we were always looking at antiques, vintage furniture, going to garage sales.”

Dita Von Teese

Ok! Extra (England) October 16, 2011

Ok! Extra (England) October 16, 2011
Photography by Danielle Bedics, Scott Nathan
Article by Lindsay Calder

Cover: Danielle Bedics from ‘Pink and Green'; second page: Big Pictures, Xposure; full page: Scott Nathan.

Kerrang! (England) July 13, 2002

Kerrang! (England) July 13, 2002
Photography: James Stafford (James and James)
Article: Ben Myers

Details & Extras
Dita was interviewed for Kerrang! magazine in mid 2002. The article entitled ‘Hell’s Angel’ featured photography by James and James.

Quite a good interview. I’m aware of Dita’s appearance in Green Day’s Redundant video, but I didn’t know about the Korn association. The online talk show Dita referred to was called KornTV, After School Specials… There are links to reruns on the KornTV website, but I can’t get them to load: After School Special #3- 3/19/98.

“Follow The Leader, that was a lot of fun. I just remember having a good time. We recorded it in North Hollywood. We always had a lot of friends around. I remember a lot of friends coming by the studio. I remember at one point on Thursdays we had this thing we did called ‘Korn TV. We sort of started our own Korn channel and we had different guests in and stuff. I remember Dita Von Teese was there. You know, this is like 12, 13 years ago. It was just a bizarre time. I remember a lot of cocaine. First it was the alcohol with ‘Life Is Peachy’ and now we were moving into cocaine.”

Munky (Korn guitarist) 08/16/11

New Look (France) January, 2004

New Look (France) January, 2004
Photography: Scott McAulay

Swindle Icons (USA) February, 2007

Swindle Icons (USA) February, 2007
Photography: Albert Sanchez
Words: Gardner Linn

Details & Extras
This is the hardcover edition of Swindle’s first annual Icons issue. Dita is featured on the back cover, as well as on two pages with photos by Albert Sanchez.

Leg Show (Germany) Special #3 2000 (nsfw)

Leg Show (Germany) Special #3 2000 (nsfw)