Dita Von Teese Drawing by Kimmo (Time Lapse Video)

Dita Von Teese Drawing by Kimmo (Time Lapse Video)
by Kimmo
May 27, 2012

This referenced Wonderbra photography by Ali Mahdavi.

Playboy (Greece) March, 2010

Playboy (Greece) March, 2010
Photography by Ali Mahdavi (full page: wonderbra; last page: champagne pour)
with other photography by Moshe Brakha, Arny Freytag (last page: Playboy cover US 2002), Juergen Teller (last page: with Manson), Don Flood (last page: small Playboy cover)

Vanity Fair (Italy) 23 September, 2009

Vanity Fair (Italy) 23 September, 2009
Photography: Ali Mahdavi
Text: Carla Bardelli

Details & Extras
Four-page articles on both Dita Von Teese and photographer Ali Mahdavi. Both articles include photography by Mahdavi.

Astrella (Italy) September, 2010

Astrella (Italy) September, 2010
Photography: Wonderbra shot by Ali Mahdavi

Details & Extras: A five-page burlesque and pin-up article in Italian magazine, Astrella. Bettie Page and Eve La Plume are also featured.

FHM (India) February, 2011

FHM (India) February, 2011
Photography: James & James, Ali Mahdavi
Words: Ritika Kumar

Details & Extras: In FHM India’s February issue, Dita is featured as number 18 in the “20 Things That Matter This Month.” The main photograph is by James and James. The last photo is a Wonderbra shot by Ali Mahdavi.

Purple (Greece) November 16, 2008

Purple (Greece) November 16, 2008
Photographer: Ali Mahdavi + various candids

Details & Extras: The cover photograph is a candid from the launch of Dita’s first Wonderbra collection, Science of Sexy. The featured article is on the evolution of lingerie.

Reveal (UK) 18 October, 2009

Two-page article in Reveal magazine.

Photos: Celebrity Pictures.co.uk, WireImages.com, Wonderbra.co.uk/dita