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Von Follies Print Advertisement

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese
photography by Sheryl Nields

Dita Von Teese by Sean McCall (White Tulle Dress)

Dita Von Teese by Sean McCall
White Tulle Dress

Sean McCall has done an extensive amount of work with Dita Von Teese since the mid 1990′s. Dita, Erotic Fantasies released just a portion of it. Many of the photo sets from this era are scattered online. Some are available to members of in high resolution, as well as more recent sets by McCall. The full White Tulle Dress set is available in black and white to members of

Numéro (France) #145 August, 2013

Numéro (France) #145 August, 2013
photography by Ali Mahdavi

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GQ (Spain) June, 2013

gq001 gq002 gq003 gq004 gq005 gq006 gq007 gq008

GQ (Spain) June, 2013
photography by Albert Sanchez

This set of photos originally appeared in Elle Men China.


Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001

Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001
photography by Nicolas Sage

This is quite an elusive issue. It’s just dumb luck that I found it at all. I had seen a very low res preview of the pictorial, but had no idea what magazine it was featured in. I saw a random Japanese adult magazine come up on eBay and knew it must be it.

I don’t know anything about the photographer. There is a Nicolas Sage based in LA, but I don’t know if it’s the same photographer. His work doesn’t seem to be geared towards glamour or pin-up.

FHM Collections (China) June, 2013

FHM Collections (China) June, 2013
Jumbo Tsui (Photographer)
Shuo Yuan Hasegawa (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Danilo (Hair Stylist)

Esquire (Singapore) February, 2013

Esquire (Singapore) February, 2013
photography by Albert Sanchez
styling by Laura Duncan
hair by Louise Moon
makeup by Kathy Jeung
creative direction by Dana Poblete
art guidance by Pedro Zalba
written and coordinated by Clea Bierman

Photo shoot and interview originally produced for Elle Men China.

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