Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001

Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001
photography by Nicolas Sage

This is quite an elusive issue. It’s just dumb luck that I found it at all. I had seen a very low res preview of the pictorial, but had no idea what magazine it was featured in. I saw a random Japanese adult magazine come up on eBay and knew it must be it.

I don’t know anything about the photographer. There is a Nicolas Sage based in LA, but I don’t know if it’s the same photographer. His work doesn’t seem to be geared towards glamour or pin-up.

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One thought on “Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001

  1. The photographer seems to have worked for Penthouse Australia, and he’s also listed here in a shoot from 2003:
    And in this interview from 2006, glamour model Shay Laren says:
    “I’m sitting in the airport in Maui. I’m heading out to LA. I’m working with Nicholas Sage for Penthouse.”
    Luke: “Is he a still photographer?”

    So I’m guessing this Nicholas Sage no longer does glamour photography!

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