Decades, The Dita Von Teese Appoved Boutique, Teams Up With Cosmo Decades, The Dita Von Teese Appoved Boutique, Teams Up With Cosmo
by Richard Lane
December 27, 2012

Looking to live the glam life this New Year’s Eve? Or, make living the luxe life your resolution for 2013? Los Angeles-based Decades is teaming with The Cosmopolitan for a limited engagement. Taking over the usual art space P3 Studio, the haute consignment store will be showing off their glad-rags and merging Vegas-style glamor with an L.A. twist. They count Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron and Rachel Zoe among their frequent shoppers. And consignees, too.

It’ll be a trunk show, a quasi-exhibit, and a chance to chat with a stylist.

“Guests will be snapped by a fashion photographer, walking away with a complimentary photo memento of the shoot and a tip or two on how to bring the high-fashion editorial look in to real life.”

They’ll be there from 4 p.m. to midnight until Sunday, January 6. (They do take the day off on Wednesday, January 2.) If you’d like to pay for a private session, stylists are on hand available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. That requires a phone call to 702-308-7038. It all sounds very fancy.

On hand will be “neo-vintage luxury pieces” including dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, skirts and coats. Their website will give you a fine idea of what to expect, but in limited and curated form. Decades has an ever-evolving inventory of items dating from the 1920s to today. And, currently have an exclusive partnership with Vegas favorite Dita Von Teese to present a collection of dresses and coats. Hence our excuse for running the photo at the top of the page.

Although Decades has a reputation for offering very high-end pieces for a fraction of their price — the carefully used history making once coveted items suddenly affordable — items can still veer off into ultra-high-end territory. Decades’ website currently features a Yves Saint Laurent Green Feather Bolero on sale for $9,000. But, it would be kind of perfect to wear to watch The Killers perform at their Cosmo shows this week. We bet lead singer Brandon Flowers would even offer to buy it off your back.

(PHOTOS: Decades)

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One thought on “ Decades, The Dita Von Teese Appoved Boutique, Teams Up With Cosmo

  1. Ja też nie rzadko się nad tym zagadnieniem zastanawiałam
    i dochodzę do konkluzji, że tak już po prostu musi być.
    Cieszmy się z każdego dnia i nie przejmujmy głupotami.
    Twój blog jest bardzo absorbujący i bardzo przyjemnie się
    go czyta. Życzę ci dużo uśmiechu i pzdr!

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