L’Officiel (Middle East) December, 2007

L’Officiel (Middle East) December, 2007
photography by Candy Kennedy
styling by Stuart Roberston
hair and makeup by Dennie Pasion

Turns out, Dita Von Teese was on the cover of L’Officiel Middle East in 2007. Unfortunately the Jalou Gallery doesn’t have it. Though, I do love that gallery quite a bit. I wish more publishers would keep such extensive archives.

Thank you to Irene for identifying this set of photos. It’s a pity they’re from 5 years ago. I was hoping they were more recent so I’d have more of a chance at finding a copy! Dita was also on the cover in 2009.

“I thought i would add this shoot that i did for L’Officiel magazine a while back. I shot with Dita von Teese and it was awesome. The horses were mad and were biting and kicking each other all day as they were both males ! Even though i asked for two calm horses i got the opposite. We had around 10 – 15 minutes to shoot each shot.”

Candy Kennedy

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