Dita discusses ‘Erotique’

Dita Von Teese posted some more information on her newest fragrance, Erotique.
The video mentioned is available at dita.net.

“I just got the news that Erotique has arrived at Ron Robinson at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and they do ship globally for anyone who is having trouble finding it.
Erotique is getting rave reviews as a departure from typical “commercially safe” perfumes. It’s not for everyone, but for those of you like me who love obscure, rare scent, you might like to try it.
Below are the notes, bearing in mind that when certain accords come together, they create entirely new scents, for instance, this is not a rose perfume, nor it is a just another leather perfume.
Erotique opens with coriander, rose petal and black pepper
At the heart is Bulgarian rose, leather, and musk.
In the dry down you discover cedarwood, gaiac wood and sandalwood
This fragrance was one I worked very hard on, and fought hard for, as it’s quite unusual, very animalistic and sexual. When it comes to things like this, one often gets told “but that isn’t what works in the marketplace”, which I find very frustrating.
I wanted to create a fragrance that goes completely against the flower-fruity-vanilla bombs out there, a fragrance I felt would remind me of some of a time when perfume meant something different, before gourmand, clean, flowery, “safe” fragrance took over. It’s carnal, animalistic, and is inspired by vintage erotica, and my obsession with combining the exquisite with fetishism and taboos.
Photos and video are coming soon, I’m very excited to show them off, because I had full creative control on every aspect of this, and I’m interested to see if I’m correct that there are others out there that, like me, don’t want to smell like fruit, candy, or flowerbeds.
Erotique isn’t for everyone, but I’m loving wearing this for autumn and winter, loving the reactions I’m getting from respected perfumers, my most elegant friends and from people that smell it on me,

Let me know what you think! You might love it…you might hate it, and that’s ok with me. Personally, I think anything universally accepted is a sign that it’s not for me.

Dita Von Teese”

‘Fleurteese’ & ‘Erotique’ Questions

Two burning questions from the last few days:

Where can I buy Fleurteese!? Erotique is being released and I can’t even get Fleurteese yet!
I bought Dita’s first two perfumes online, from this eBay store. Just contact the seller about shipping to your country. From memory, the shipping price to Australia was around 10 euros. I’ve been very happy with their service to date.

There is also a seller in Prague shipping internationally. You can even order the first three fragrances together, either in the 20ml or 40ml sizes for a reduced price.

Fleurteese is also available from other sellers on European versions of eBay. There are many sellers who will gladly ship internationally, if asked. Just make sure they have PayPal or you’ll have trouble paying even if they do ship internationally.

Where is the promotional photoshoot for Erotique?
The photoshoot for Erotique took place on August 9 at The Oviatt Penthouse (wiki, facebook) in Los Angeles. I don’t know who Dita chose to photograph her, but Ali Mahdavi and Scott Nathan have both worked on past perfume campaigns. Sheryl Nields is also another possible candidate.

Dita herself will likely announce it through twitter.

Dita Von Teese’s Fourth Fragrance, “Erotique”

PRESS RELEASE: Erotique by Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese, the maestra of seduction and glamorous provocation, takes you into a world as mysterious as the night itself, where seduction is the protagonist and femininity holds all the mastery. She is a self-created work of art, surrounded by an aura of sensual magic and erotic energy. In her new fragrance Erotique the queen of aesthetic pleasure combines her decadent facets into a beguiling scent symphony that veils women in a captivating aura.

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Meri (Bulgaria) May, 2013

Meri (Bulgaria) May, 2013
photography by Ali Mahdavi

Meri is a travel-sized Bulgarian fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Dita Von Teese Parfum #3 ‘FleurTeese’

A delicate floral creation full of elegance:
The first spring fragrance
“FleurTeese” by Dita Von Teese
entices you with its romantic flirtation

Sensuous, feminine, intoxicating: The elegant Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese embodies femininity like no other woman. Seductive, self-assured and graceful: the sheer sensuality of Dita Von Teese expresses itself in new facets. With her third fragrance FleurTeese, the international style icon embraces her coquettish, romantic side.

FleurTeese is a passionate bouquet, inspired by lush but delicate blossoms and idyllic floral gardens. Dita Von Teese has created this romantic eau de toilette that beautifully captures the spirit of her classic Hollywood style. Delicate like her skin, glamorous like her appearance and beguiling like the lady herself, FleurTeese is an enthralling new spring fragrance that calls to mind the playful pin-up girl.

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Dita Von Teese Rouge Gift Set

My Rouge Gift Set, Eau de Parfum 20 ml & Satin Shower Gel 75 ml, has arrived. I love the ruby red. I hope Luxess made Rouge cosmetics bags.

While attempting to compile my own review of Dita’s new scent, I found a review that, quite frankly, hits the nail on the head and then some:

Per bar one Penny: Rouge by Dita Von Teese
by Katrin
November 5, 2012

Some weeks ago I read about the new perfume by Dita von Teese, “Rouge”, coming to stores later this year. I didn´t remember the date, I was quite sure it would pop up everywhere around christmas. Well, it happened this morning that I ran out of perfume. I´ve been using her first scent nearly every day since I started working in a place with other people in August. I love it, I really do. So I found myself standing in the drugstore this afternoon, thinking about whether to buy the small bottle or the big one when I noticed that, surprise surprise, it´s there. Rouge.

Rawr, how that sounds! I have to admit that I had high expectations so, without further thinking, I grabbed the bottle and gave my wrists a nice little shower. And then … I wrinkled my nose. That was not what I expected. Rouge starts as a very warm, very heavy, rich, seductive smell with a vintage (read: old ladyish) note. It produces images of velvet (red, indeed), huge pillows, tasseled curtains, dimmed light and even a 19th century high class prostitute in the center of it all, Hollywood style. That´s not a bad thing, really! At that point I thought my review would sound as follows: “Perfect for that special night when you want to lay someone in style!” Of course I didn´t buy it. It´s nothing I´d wear at work and that touch of old lady annoyed me. So I thought. I went on doing my grocery shopping, sniffing my wrist again and again and again. One hour later the old lady had disappeared and made space for an autumnal, woody note and spices that reminded me of christmas. At that point it slowly started to grow on me. And I kept sniffing and sniffing. It´s been nearly 4 hours now and I´m still sniffing. I already have a slight headache and am a bit dizzy. And I love it. I love the warm scent and the spicy tones. It´s totally addictive. It still feels a bit you´re trying to lay someone, but with class. It´s still velvet, but not as a bed sheet. It´s a fancy red dress. It´s a Film Noir, filled in beautiful red flacons. Something Raymond Chandler would have written a whole page about. And yes, I will buy it. Not as my everyday scent, I´ll stick with Ditas debut for that purpose, but for those days when I feel a little more “Rawr!”.

Dita Von Teese Rouge Fragrance Presentation

Dita Von Teese Rouge Fragrance Presentation
flacon // corporate design // logo // packaging
Designed by Atelier Christian von der Heide

“For his second collaboration with the international style icon and queen of contemporary burlesque, the designer will again create two separate flacons: a large, stand-up flacon and a small amphora to put in one’s purse. Past epochs of style, precious jewels, the luxurious glamour and seductive arts of a woman, and the unique personality of Dita von Teese inspire the design for Rouge – a sensual, erotic and elegant fragrance for the strong, confident woman.”

“Christian von der Heide thematically envelops the scent in a world of black, white and ruby red, of gleaming jewels, dégradé, shimmering facets, and the flacon designs of the late 19th century.”

- Christian von der Heide press release