Rose Apodaca Blogs About Dita’s Beauty Book

Rose Apodaca is a journalist, author and co-founder of A+R. On her weblog, Apodaca gives an insight into the making of Dita’s upcoming beauty book. Via twitter.

‘Do-Day with Dita
January 23, 2011 by Rose Apodaca

A day of calisthenics (I love that word) and hair ‘dos at chez Dita Von Teese‘s Saturday, as we crammed as many looks as time would allow in front of the camera for the DIY beauty book we are collaborating on for Harper Collins.

The Saturday began chatting with pilates grand dame Mari Winsor, whom Dita has been training with for the last decade. Clad in spiky Louboutin high-tops and black jersey, the lithe and limber 61-year-old Mari energized us as we determined which exercises to spotlight in the chapter on exercise. To wit, I’ve decided it’s high time I get back in the saddle after the two month hiatus I’ve taken from anything other than pushing a stroller up the hill (which in my ‘hood, granted, is a work out). That said, holding baby Nina on my right hip as I took notes and moved sets around with my left during the shoot met my arm pumping quota for the week.

Dita’s arms also got a work out…and after we bid our see ya’s to Mari. We spent the following five hours with photographer Danielle Bedics documenting countless hair ‘dos, all to be chronicled step-by-step in the chapter on hair, of course. From a Lana Turner-inspired wavy set to Victory rolls that Betty Grable would’ve approved of, Dita executed each one flawlessly—and astonishingly fast. Except for reaching for the hairspray or a hair pin or doing a quick change into a new corset or frock, she didn’t drop her arms but a second during the entire session. Had we only been shooting video!

You’ll have to wait to see what we shot. But I woke up today to a FB posting from Albane Navizet that my name appeared in Paris Match on a blurb about the book, no doubt as a result of the lengthy piece with Dita on beauty and the pending book by my former colleagues Peter Born and Julie Naugton in last month’s WWD. (Thank you for the props all of you!)