Dita by Perou

Dita by Perou

This photoshoot was commissioned for Flaunt magazine. The September, 2003 issue, I think… my copy is in storage. It’s the one Dita mentioned in My Friend Jean Paul Gaultier, by Dita Von Teese for The Daily Beast.

All shots are in high resolution, except for the last two. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find better quality versions. Dita.net probably has them.

“The Brooklyn exhibit will have things like, for example, Dita Von Teese, because I think she’s fantastic. The first time I saw her, I was a fan and I am still a fan of [her ex] Marilyn Manson, and I went to see him because we are supposed to do something for our show, and she was with him, and I said, “My God.” She is more Parisian than the Parisians. She was, oh, perfect. And hair — black, black, black, black, black — porcelain, lipstick, perfect. The makeup: perfect. Everything. In attire, chic. Super black, black, black, black. I’m like, “[Am I] dreaming, or what?””
- Jean Paul Gaultier On Dita Von Teese

The Daily Beast: My Friend Jean Paul Gaultier, By Dita Von Teese

The Daily Beast: My Friend Jean Paul Gaultier, By Dita Von Teese
by Dita Von Teese
Oct 24, 2013

A new exhibition celebrating Jean Paul Gaultier opens at the Brooklyn Museum this week. From couture shows in Paris to line-dancing in Texas, Dita Von Teese pays tribute to the legendary designer.

Dita Von Teese and Jean-Paul Gaultier. (Valery Hache/AFP/Getty)

I met Jean Paul Gaultier in 2002 in Paris through my friend photographer Ali Mahdavi and legendary fashion muse Suzanne von Aichinger. When Jean Paul met me, he told me that he had pictures of me from my Playboy December 2002 magazine cover, which showcased all of my burlesque shows. At that time, I was well-known in the burlesque and pin-up world, but I wasn’t being invited to fashion shows, and I certainly wasn’t being dressed in haute couture for red carpets.
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