Made in Luxe #47 (Luxembourg) September, 2011

Made in Luxe #47 (Luxembourg) September, 2011
Photography by Danielle Bedics
Article by Thomas Bourdeau

Dita was featured in an article on burlesque called “Effeuilleuses Rêveues” (Dreamer Strippers?) for Made in Luxe magazine. The full page photo is of Ema Montès, taken by Alexandre Bouchicot.

Ocean Drive (Puerto Rico) August / September, 2010

Ocean Drive (Puerto Rico) August / September, 2010
No photo credits given
Article by Janeris Hernández

No photo credits are given, but I’ve researched them myself. Cover: Ali Mahdavi for Cointreau Noir; full page: performance shot: Aaron Settipane; smaller: cointreau archival; performance shots: New York debut of Be Cointreauversial.

There is a very short video greeting from Dita on the Ocean Drive PR facebook page.